Sukiya Japanese Restaurant

While Tokyo has a reputation as the world’s most expensive city not everything is $100 watermelons and $20 hamburgers. If you look carefully and follow the locals there are some great deals to be found.

One of the best ways to save cost is to eat local. A sit down meal in a Western style restaurant will certainly be expensive where as a bowl of noodles in a small standing room only noodle shop can be had for only a few hundred Yen.

One of my favourite restaurants in Japan is called Sukiya. Sukiya is a Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in fast service and serving delicious inexpensive food. Their menu consists of mostly gyudon, donburi, and curry style dishes and the best part is with over 1000 stores they can be found all over Japan. The prices for each dish vary with size but are usually under ¥1000. The service is always outstanding and fast, many times I will receive my food in under 5 minutes.

Sukiya restaurants are scattered all over Japan and provide a delicious meal at a reasonable cost. If you’re in Japan I would highly recommend checking out a Sukiya restaurant.