How to buy a mobile phone in Bangok

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  1. himanshu says:

    if u have a nokia 9500 comunicater new one then u mail me price with the store name………

  2. Wes says:

    My iphone is using version 4.1. can it be jailbroken and unlocked there? if so, where and how much. thx

  3. Aashai says:

    Hey.. M gng to Bangkok next week… Is MBK a good place to buy the factory unlocked iPhone 4 (brand new). How authentic is it. If not. Where should I buy d iPhone 4 from at a very good price. What would b d lowest price I can bargain at ?
    Plz help me out. Have taken a lot of efforts to save up on cash to buy myself an iPhone.

  4. solemes says:

    how to buy on line a cell phone at MBK mall and how to receive it in France? thanks

    • Tony Joh says:

      Very risky to do that. Only way to do it would be to find a store that takes credits cards and hope that they actually ship the phone to do and also hope that it actually works. Personally I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from MBK unless you can examine it very closely first.

  5. Naz says:

    Hi. I am from Bangladesh planning to go to Bangkok next month. Is brand new mobile phones cheaper in Bangkok or is it same priced as anywhere else? If it is cheaper,where can I buy it from?thnks

  6. Tarek says:

    i want to buy a Sony Ericsson express player how much does it cost and I’m going to Puckett

  7. rengaraj says:

    hi planned to visit bangkok by jan 15th, i plan to buy a new mobile @Mahboonkrong (MBK) shopping centre. Samsung galaxy or Sanmsung ACE it costs me in india 30000 & 14000 respectively. for how much leass i can buy it from MBK, please suggest me..

  8. ahmed says:

    i need to find a business partner for mobile phone business. email :

  9. ankush says:

    i want to buy iPhone4 from bangkok i would like to know the price

  10. krini says:

    Please may i know price of IPHONE 4 & samsung note please let me know im coming to bangkok with in 15 days

  11. Kalum says:

    I need some places to buy phones for sale in Sri Lanka.

  12. Kalum says:

    I need some places to buy phones in Sri Lanka. And also I need there prices with pictures and there facilities. Thanking you.

  13. Ashutosh Mittal says:

    Hi i am planning to come to bangkok next month, i want to buy a samsung galaxy note, can you please advise the best place to buy and the best price to buy, i would b really greatfull to you.

  14. Bashir says:

    I am already in Bangkok today. I would like to know the best price of Samsung Galaxy S3 which is newly launched.

  15. vikas says:

    hey nxt mnth im cumin 2 bangkok n i want 2 purchase samsung galaxy note cn u tell me how much it cost?

  16. Steve says:

    Follow “The Farang Phone Shop” on facebook for best prices. Deal with an Englishman with many years in the mobile phone industry. Shop in MBK

  17. Mafaz says:

    How much I can factory unlock for iPhone 4 32gb in MBK

  18. sarthak jalan says:

    can you tell me another place else of mbk . i’m living in India and going to Bangkok next month. Thanks

  19. ali says:

    hello any one i have glassy s3 smasung new 3 piece any body want to buy pls let me know and send me price his new with complate box nont use

  20. shailu says:

    i want to buy iPhone4 from bangkok i would like to know the price

  21. Johnny says:

    Does the plan include the SIMs? Some websites noted I needed to buy a SIM, then credits for it.. Am I missing a step or is that all part of the plan and number I choose?

  22. Aminath says:

    I want bye Samsung galaxy S III Korean version phone from your shop.

  23. baran says:

    how much best price of galaxy s3 in bangkok please tell me

  24. Jay Iyengar says:

    Can you make and receive international calls from a phone you purchase at MBK for 1000 baht?

  25. Name (required) says:

    how much i phone 5 will cost me in Bangkok

  26. rasheed says:

    I want bye Samsung galaxy S III Korean version phone from your shop.

  27. mohamed says:

    where to buy korean version mobile phone from thailand

  28. tabrez says:

    Hi guys I have a short visit to bangkok next month I want to no where can I get cheap Korean version copy mobiles and good quality readymade so please suggest me your good opinion about my requirements so please give some time for me guys and mail me your opinion and one more where can I get cheap hotels to stay

  29. pankaj soni says:

    i want to buy sumsung note 3. how cost i have to pay in bankok.

  30. raghavendrarao says:

    what is the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 today

  31. shivam says:

    i am from india , going to bangkok on june . just wanting to know will buying a mobile phone from bangkok be cheap or costly than buying here in india.

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